Getting Things Done® (GTD®) Training teaches skills to increase focus, prioritize commitments, and achieve stress-free productivity. TURN CHAOS INTO CONTROL: Participants learn a system to reduce mental clut-ter and take control of their thoughts and tasks. ALIGN FOCUS AND ACTIONS: Once in control, participants learn practical skills to reduce decision fatigue and focus on next actions. INCREASE PRODUCTIVE MOMENTS: These skills applied consistently to the right tasks and projects create more stress-free, productive moments. IMPROVE INDIVIDUAL EFFECTIVENESS: Productive moments yield increased re-liability, efficiency, and effectiveness in the projects and moments that matter most.

In a world where information overload is ever-present GTD® will bring order to a world of chaos. Imagine if you had freedom to…

Why Getting Things Done®?

Who is it for? GTD® is for everyone. Parents, creatives and professionals are all implementing Getting Things Done.

This seminar delivers a dynamic, systematic, five-phase approach to dealing effectively with the incoming “stuff” of our lives – mail, meeting requests, email, ideas, notes, to-do’s, projects, reference materials, etc., and provides a practical methodology for utilizing paper-based and computer-based systems to organize it.

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