CORE STRENGTHS®: Building Effective Teams

We believe that business success is the result of open, highly functional relationships—within and among teams and between leaders and reports. Core Strengths® is the solution which helps organizations build effective teams and achieve their goals.

Why Core Strengths®?

Core Strength solution connects every strength to individuals’ underlying motives to help them find personally meaningful and compelling reasons to bring any strength to a situation and get better results through. It is about whole persons, what they bring to work, and how they can connect and engage their core motives and values as they strive to work productively with others.

The more you apply relationship intelligence (RQ) to your interactions, the easier relating and communicating becomes—even where connections haven’t been strong in the past.

RQ’s core insights help you to:

  1. Understand the past – because past experience doesn’t have to dictate future behavior.
  2. Learn to correctly interpret the present moment.
  3. Make future goals and targets more meaningful to people.

Developing Relationship Intelligence, like any skill, takes practice. Our platform allows people to discover their own motives and strengths, compare them with others, and get real-time tips to improve their approach with others in meetings, messages, and conversations. Intelligent team views give insight into the culture of teams and organizations—and keep that insight top-of-mind so it can be applied to improve relationships. Everyday.

Core Strengths is the solution provided by DOOR in cooperation with our partners.

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