Storewars Business Simulation

Storewars is a total business management course for consumer-facing businesses. The format of business game allows participants to run their own virtual companies, take big decisions, negotiate and immediately monitor the effectiveness of their performance.

What is Storewars?

Why business simulations?

It is a fact that people remember 80% of what they have experienced and only 20% of what they have heard or seen. Experiential activities boost people's creativity and help them see things from a different perspective.

Simulation places executives into the virtual business world – a context where they step out of their normal day-to-day roles, gain a broad experience and experiment without losing a dollar in a real life.

Business simulation shows an immediate response in the market. With a business year being compressed into a day or two, so you can practice different strategies in a short period of time to discover what works best.

  • Holistic understanding of company's operation
  • Full overview of the consumer-facing business
  • Monitoring of immediate results of business decisions on the market
  • Financial literacy and ability to use data for profitable decisions and negotiations
  • A chance to get experience of another side of "trade table"
  • The vision "outside the operational role"

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