Internet, social media, and mobile communication created a new experience landscape that requires companies to tailor traditional business models to the rapidly changing digital environment.

Workshop phases

  1. Presentation by moderators/invited speakers
    On 'big picture' and the future of e-commerce, as well as the specific tools of e-retail, addressing main business operations.
  2. Development session
    - The participants divide into 5 groups (4-5 people in a group).
    - Work with prepared profiles of the imaginary companies and transforming them to the new, e-level of operation.
    - Using special templates and selecting appropriate e-commerce tools.
  3. E-strategy presentation
    Each team will present their e-strategy to the experienced jury, which will evaluate:
    - Understanding the e-tools and relevance of the choices for each of the segment.
    - Total consistency and the 'cost' of the new strategy.
    - The emergence of the new creative solutions and visible signs of mastering the tools.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding consumers/customers
  • Conduction marketing and promotion
  • Establishing points-of-sale & Handling payment mechanisms
  • Arranging distribution and logistics
  • Establishing appropriate KPI's and feedback loop
  • Providing organization resources (people and assets)

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