Business Wars

All employees can be even more productive, if they have a clear understanding of the financial and commercial considerations that impact their business and competitors. BusinessWars program is designed to fill this particular knowledge gap in a fast-moving, interactive format that focuses on practical knowledge and business simulation module.

First phase — Data analysis

You are given the reports of the company you have taken over the management for

Financial analysis

Analysis of brands

Analysis of markets/consumers

Analysis of competitors

Second phase — Practicing different strategies

Strategy development and implementation


Focuses on launching new brands that meet emerging consumer needs and requirements


Focuses on minimizing costs wherever possible, this approach aims at creating and maintaining the leanest possible cost structure


Expand production to take advantage of cost efficiency as output expands

Third phase — Simulation

Outcomes of the game

  • Comprehensive data analysis skills
  • Execute, adjust and fine-tune your strategies
  • Practicing different strategy types
  • Acquire a solid cross-functional understanding of the business enterprise you're running
  • Watch your decisions impact on accounts and profitability

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