Leadership Builder®

Do you need to close performance gaps and enhance leadership accountability? Master how to hold others accountable using Leadership Builder™ tools and techniques.

Why Leadership Builder®?

Holding others accountable in a positive, principled way is simply doing two things:

1) Establishing expectations and

2) Managing unmet expectations.

One of the most valuable skill sets a leader can develop is the ability to effectively establish the expectations they hold of others. Using common sense and experience-based learning, this program strengthens leaders’ ability to hold others accountable in a positive and principled way.

In our training, master how to:

A Game-Changer for Organizational Leaders

The central framework in this training is the Accountability Sequence® model, which provides leaders a proven process to establish expectations, increase leadership and accountability and manage unmet expectations in a way that will turnaround performance and help others achieve the result. This is key to holding others accountable in a positive, principled way.

Leadership Builder® is the solution provided by DOOR in cooperation with Partners In Leadership.

What you learn:

  • Identifying your Expectations Chain®
  • Accountability Styles®assessment
  • Working with the Accountability Sequence®, Outer Ring®, and Inner Ring®
  • Increase team engagement with Alignment Dialogue®

What's the impact:

  • Hit goals and achieve targets faster, rather than grow targets faster
  • Boost performance – and your bottom line
  • Engage and retain your highest performers
  • Achieve game-changing results

What you get:

  • Copy of The New York Times bestselling book How Did That Happen®
  • Leadership Builder™ workbook and pocket card training guide
  • PILtools access
  • Pre-workshop assessment

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