Accountability Builder®

Is your team missing the mark on performance? Increase accountability for results individually, as a team, and organizationally using Accountability Builder™ training. Instill positive accountability across all levels of your workforce with the popular Accountability coaching, based on our bestselling book The Oz Principle. This accountability training sparks motivation, ownership, and innovation. Inspire every individual and team to take greater accountability, visibly and measurably, for delivering contributions, impact, and value to achieve the organization’s results.

Why Accountability Builder®?

What you learn:

  • The Steps to Accountability®
  • Overcome below the line behavior
  • Identifying your Accountability Gap®
  • Improve performance with feedback
  • Apply the See It, Own It, Solve it, Do it®
  • Accountability tool

What's the impact:

  • Hit goals and achieve targets faster
  • Boost performance – and your bottom line
  • Engage and retain your highest performers
  • Achieve game-changing results

What you get

  • Copy of The New York Times bestselling book The Oz Principle®
  • Accountability Builder®workbook and pocket card training guide
  • PILtools access
  • Pre-workshop assessment

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