What We Do

Your global training, coaching & consulting partner
How are you preparing your teams to perform in a highly competitive environment? DOOR International offers simple, fast and effective solutions to help your team grow continuously and achieve their best results.

Our approach is based on 3 principles:



We regard development as a continues choice to improve one’s performance – a form of professional and personal accountability. As a professional, you can’t choose your potential, but you can choose to fulfill it. This approach applies our clients, as well as our own company, our solutions, our training programs, and our global network of facilitators and coaches. Development is at the core of our business, and it’s a perpetual process. In a rapidly changing professional arena the ability to learn, and instantly translate that learning into action, is what gives professionals and companies – like ours – their competitive advantage and tools to make powerful leadership choices and navigate global complexity. Our personalized training approach supports every company’s path to growth.


Effective development fosters growth. It is our passion to develop professionals and companies and grow together with them. DOOR provides state of the art platform for growth through outstanding user experiences and user-generated content. Growth is a progression, which requires continuous effort and investment. It needs ambition, inspiration, and business acumen. In a growth mindset, a childlike approach to learning as well as the exchange of ideas and information are key. Keeping curiosity and an open mind will help consider growth as a fascination and rewarding process. It is the return on investment in one’s personal and professional future, both for individuals and companies.


Ultimately development and growth lead to achievement. They lead to more accountable, more experienced and more successful professionals as well as to leaders who reach their strategic goals and key results. The paradox is that no achievement is ever a finish line. It is the starting point and framework for further development, further growth, and further achievements. We believe individuals and companies can be successful and work in progress at the same time. Achievement is measured in progression, not perfection and it is a continuous learning path. DOOR offers just in time learning solutions supporting every individual learning needs and exceeding everyone’s expectations.