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Sales Excellence

A modern and efficient sales training excellence program that allows your business to maximize revenues.
Our sales training allows your business to maximize revenues via education methods based on modern and efficient sales techniques.

DOOR has implemented comprehensive, proven methods that bring results and support organizations to achieve and exceed their goals.

We deliver sales performance to organizations globally and locally through expertise and customized solutions.

Sales Training Excellence Courses

Delight The Customer

Taking part in this “Delight The Customer” DOOR program is more than just attending a workshop; it is about making a difference, about supporting others, and most importantly, it is about being of service to others.

Storytelling for Sales

Storytelling for sales? Yes indeed, storytelling has been one of the strongest elements on sales. As a result of this DOOR program, sales professionals can improve their storytelling skills and capture the imaginations and attention of their audience for the sake of achieving their objectives.

DOOR vILT Telesales Reloaded™

DOOR vILT Telesales Reloaded DOOR training initiative outfits sales teams’ interpretations, sales solutions, and capabilities to guarantee eminence in Telesales from the primary meeting to the closure of an agreement.

Influencing Skills

This DOOR program, called “Influencing Skills”, raises learners’ awareness and equips them with skills to become an effective influencer.

  • 01 Concept of influencing
  • 02 Your role
  • 03 Effective influencing
  • 04 Foster confidence

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